Top 3 Priorities

  1. Consistent fiscally conservative decisions: Ensuring that we carefully manage a well balanced budget assures that the financial burden does not fall back onto the taxpayer. Collaboration with other elected officials and department heads is essential to fiscal responsibility. I am also a tax payer, and lowering our property taxes is absolutely necessary. I will improve access to public information and improve transparency to help increase public participation.
  2. Promotion of County wide economic development with the concept of “Open for Business”: I want to help ensure that our Canyon County cities thrive and that the Canyon County Development Services Department is friendly and helpful to development. This will include focusing growth in the Impact Areas and supporting and preserving our agricultural industry. It will include fostering a small business environment and further protecting our agricultural roots.

    I have more than 10 years of experience as a land use planner and I believe in setting a vision and following comprehensive planning goals. I also understand that comprehensive plans are only that; plans. They are not regulatory – zoning ordinances are the regulatory arm. What I found frustrating not only as a planner, but also as someone helping people through the zoning process was that often times cities or counties spend more time telling people they can’t do something, and less time figuring out how to foster an environment where entrepreneurs and families thrive.

    99.9% of business in the United States comes from businesses classified as “Small Business (fewer than 500 employees)”. I want Canyon County to be known for supporting and encouraging small businesses to not only start in Canyon County, but to stay here. Setting the stage for this, and then following through with implementation will set the stage for economic vitality. In return this will naturally encourage quality development. My experience with Caldwell and the revitalization of downtown speaks to how I will encourage growth in all of our cities and community.
  3. Public Safety: Communities find success when the public perceives that they are safe. To do this, people need to be held accountable for their actions and we have to be prepared for this as we address the growing needs for public services that come with growth. It’s important to understand that criminality is going to occur whether we want it to our not, so we need to be prepared to address fair accountability for people’s actions.

Published by keri2c

My name is Keri K. Smith and I am the republican candidate for Canyon County Commissioner, District 2 seat. I was born and raised in Canyon County and I'm excited to offer my experience to the residents of Canyon County. Together we have a bright future.

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