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Keri K. Smith for Canyon County Commissioner

Hi, I’m Keri Smith, the Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners. I’m a proven leader, dynamic problem-solver, working mother of two and a proud Canyon County community member. As a lifelong Canyon County resident, I have dedicated my entire career to public service and improving our quality of life.

In my combined 6 years of economic development experience for the City of Caldwell and as CEO of Destination Caldwell, I actively ensured a healthy environment for businesses to grow and prosper. Working to find solutions that benefited everyone from the City, to the business owner, and to the customer.

10 years as a Canyon County employee in Development Services and Information Technologies also prepared me for this exact opportunity to serve my constituents. I’m prepared to take that experience, work hard and help Canyon County thrive.

Join me, as we work together and help me get re-elected for my second term!

Experience to Serve

Why Keri? Because she knows that the stronger each City is, the stronger the County will be. Keri has the proven work experience to help navigate between City, County and State issues and will propel us forward in a fiscally conservative way.

Keri and her girls

This family LOVES Canyon County and we want to be apart of ensuring thoughtful growth. We know what makes this County special and will work hard to preserve it’s heritage for future generations to experience and enjoy.

The 2022 Idaho Primary Election will be held on May 17th. Although I’m running for the District 2 seat, every registered republican voter that resides in Canyon County and all eight cities will have the chance to mark the oval next to Keri K. Smith.

Encouraging Conversation

As an entrepreneur, I know that two heads are better than one, and that more ideas are better. I want to hear what you have to say about the challenges facing Canyon County. What ‘s your favorite part about living here? What do you wish were different? Coming together to elevate the conversation is an essential part of my campaign. We can’t find solutions without each other. 



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